Tactile digital twins

Architact is a fully integrated hardware and software solution to visit and present digital twins of real estate projects or any other virtual space via haptic control interfaces. Smart object detection and AI-enhanced navigation on architectural floor plans let you control and configure photorealistic 3D simulations of any environment and object, in real time.

Present a whole portfolio in one digital tool

Excite clients with interaction and individualization

Cut the costs associated with physical model apartments


Tactile navigation

The Navigator serves as a tactile connection between the user and the virtual worlds. Once the Navigator is initialized, the system generates the user's view into the virtual space. An invisible avatar camera can be controlled by intuitively moving and rotating a tactile device on a 2D plan representation. Additional options like screenshots and aerial camera mode appear at your fingertips, around the Navigator.

Real-time 4K

Realistic Raytracing and the highest detail level at up-to 60fps and 4K sets a new standard for immersive real-time experiences. Powered by the latest NVIDIA processing architecture, the system offers never-before-seen graphic performance.

AI-Image Optimization

Create superior image quality with AI-driven render enhancement. Export stunning 3D still renderings at any moment - within seconds. Whether it´s for screen resolution or even high dpi print templates.

Daylight Simulation

Learn about daylight conditions and shading intensity in interior spaces and outside areas of buildings and apartments. How does a tree affect incoming light during winter or summer? Does my bedroom receive daylight in the morning? Make safe decisions with physically correct simulations.

Fitout Variants

Equip real estate digital twins with the full range of fitout options on offer. Variants for flooring, tiling, kitchens, taps, and more, are accessible via the interface and will be rendered into the scene, in real time.

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