Touch, place, & visualize

Tactilize translates sensor-based detection of real-world objects into direct feedback in virtual spheres. This can initiate changes in visualization scenes or trigger options such as video playback or display of product information. Evaluate the quality and real-life aesthetics of materials and immediately add them to your virtual real estate project, your digital twin, or any metaverse environment.

Create trust by maintaining physical haptics

Engage with customers through playful interaction

Support decisions with reliable evaluation of quality and looks


Multi-purpose application

Use Tactilize in combination with Architact or any other visual product configurator. Connect it with time-based video playback systems or real-time render solutions. The technology addresses usage scenarios for interactive terminals in retail, exhibition, education and many more. Whether for permanent or temporary installations.

Zero-latency visualization

The individual NFC calls directly address the real-time render system and affects immediate change in the virtual 3D scene. Zero latency communication enables high ease of use and responsiveness.

NFC technology

Physical material samples for fitout options in real estate projects or tangible miniatures that reflect certain products, functions or services in your virtual simulation, will be detected by our hardware trough reliable NFC- (near field communication) technology as known from other “ease of use” services, such as Apple pay.

Easy setup

The assigning of individual event calls to the NFC IDs can easily be managed via drag and drop in the browser-based Tactilize setup application.

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